What Will Happen If You Take Daily Coconut Water?

The best benefits of coconut water are listed here. This is made from young or green coconuts and every nut has 200-1000 ml or 4 cups coconut water.

This is low in calories and tasty! This water is full of nutrients, better than ripe coconut water.

It has vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, B complex, zinc, manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium.

These nutrients make immunity stronger, and the plant hormone cytokine fights cancer, early aging and removes thrombosis.

For best results, get fresh and pure water instead of bottled. Add this in smoothies every day. The health benefits:

No headaches

Dehydration does this and migraine too. This drink has electrolytes and hydrates us. It has magnesium too and stops migraine attacks

Regulated blood sugar

This drink has amino acids and fiber that regulate sugar and make insulin sensitivity. It helps in diabetes cases and also makes better blood flow, removes numbness and makes less risk of atherosclerosis. Food and function Journal in 2012 published that coconut water reduced blood glucose and oxidation stress.

Less hypertension

Due to the vitamin C and magnesium, potassium, this regulates pressure. Potassium removes sodium damage too.in 2005, West Indian medical journal said this water is good for pressure. Have a cup of this 2 times daily and lower pressure. Always get fresh water.


This stops thirst in the summer. It has electrolytes and prevents fluid loss in diarrhea, vomiting, sweating. Also gives you energy due to the carbs. It is best taken after workouts. It cures digestive problems too, reflux, indigestion and gastroenteritis.

Natural diuretic

This water makes more urine and detoxes you, stops UTIs and more. The potassium makes alkalinity and dissolves kidney stones. You can also add sea salt in this. Drink up to 2 times daily. This removes bacteria and cures the bladder issues.Avoid this in case you have too much potassium or kidney problems.

Better heart

This water has no fat or cholesterol. It is good for the heart and lowers the lipoprotein or bad cholesterol LDL. Raises the good one HDL too. Study of 2012, Medical food journal said both coconuts are good for lipid metabolism and no rise in bad cholesterol. Also this water is anti-platelet, antioxidant and removes inflammation, thus stops artery plaques and risk of attacks and strokes.

Weight loss

This water is low in calories and good for the belly. It has good enzymes for metabolism of fats and digestion. It also has potassium for sodium balance. And it flushes excess water and toxins. For weight loss, have 8 oz cup coconut water, few times per week. Do not exceed this, it might have opposite effect.

No hangover

Alcohol makes us dehydrated and causes nausea and sickness. Coconut water has electrolytes and hydrates us for relief. Also, it is oxidative and stops oxidation stress from excess alcohol. Every morning, make smoothie with 2 glasses sugar free coconut water, ripe mango, 2 mints, ½ glass ice and 3 tbsp lemon juice.

Slower aging

This water has cytokines that slow aging of tissues and prevent age problems. Skin is nourished and hydrated, softer and smooth. Mix a cup of this with 2 tsp sandalwood powder for a paste. apply this on the skin, wait to dry and rinse.

Balanced pH

Stress, modern life, sugar, processed food all make us acidic. Acidic pH makes less energy, fatigue, not enough minerals and vitamins. Coconut water makes alkalinity and better pH.

More tips

  • Skip this drink if you have nut allergies
  • It may cause bloated belly and upset belly
  • For kidney damages, talk to a doctor prior to taking this water
  • Skip this 2 weeks before and after a surgery since it affects blood pressure

Source and image source: organichealthuniverse.com



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