Warning Signs For Your Kidneys

The kidneys are very important organs in our bodies. They have the form of  beans and are located right below the ribs. They are actually the cleansers of our bodies by getting rid of toxins, taking care of additional fluids and filtering approximately 150 quarts blood every day.

The kidneys also regulate the balance of electrolytes and blood pressure. They also produce hormones that influence functioning of other organs. For example they control the blood red cells production and also control the calcium metabolism, promoting healthy, strong bones.

The kidneys also perform the regulation  of  acid, salt and potassium content in the body.

It is clear how important the function of kidneys is  for our overall health. When they are not working properly, this affects the health of our whole bodies.

Warning signs that kidneys might not be working properly:

Swelling– if the kidneys do not work or slow down, excess fluids stays in the body and we become swollen and chubby around the joints or limbs, and the face.

Changed urination– color is dark or pale, foamy, having trouble urinating,

Rash of Skin – In case of kidney diseases, a rash may be seen on the skin. The waste flows directly to the blood and the skin looks unhealthy and damaged. Cosmetics can temporarily cure this but the problem stays inside the body.

Fatigue– when our kidneys function well, they naturally create EPO (erythropoietin) the hormone that creates more blood cells and brings oxygen everywhere. When the red cells are too low in number, we have fatigue in the body, muscles and brain as well. Also this is known as anemia.

Shortness in breath– could be associated with kidney problems. When we lack oxygen in the body, it means we lack red blood cells that bring the oxygen anywhere. Their number is connected to all the toxins from the lungs.

Metallic mouth taste– the blood waste buildups can change how we taste everything and even cause bad breath. Another sign is change in appetite that is extreme.

Pain– the upper back pain is obvious sign of this problem. The upper back is where the kidneys are. Kidney stones even worsen this situation.

Low focus and dizziness– low oxygen movement in the body is clearly an anemia and kidney malfunction It decreases focus and makes you dizzy and light headed, and impairs the memory capability.

It is important to eat healthy food and take more antioxidants either as food or supplements to improve the health of kidneys.

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