If You Want To Stop Smoking, Keep Reading…

Smoking is bad for you and this is known. If you stop, health will improve much more so try to stop.

Cigarette smoke has carcinogens and harms people a lot. Also, the worst part is kids are passive smokers.

This is the best cure to stop smoking

To stop this is hard and not easy for cold turkey. Everyone who tried knows the trouble. Psychology Today published that most of those that quit relapse in the first year. There are patches and supplements, but they are short term deceiving.

Richard Webster, a devotee, dedicated years to see the behaviors in people with smoking habit.

Also said baking soda can cure this habit and others said this is true since soda gives fast effect.

This method helps a lot

Dab some soda under and on the tongue when you need a smoke. Also keep in mind that this is avoided if you have low sodium or hypertension.

All the way from NY Farmingdale, Joane Fanizza said she heard about a doctor that stopped smoking this way. He mixed a spoon baking soda and 8 oz water to drink 2 times daily. After a week, this was once a day. He smoked pack a day, and the glasses he drank now reminded of Alka Selzer. On Mondays and Sundays he smoked just 2 cigarettes and Tuesday just 1. After that zero. There is no need to wait until week two, it works that fast.

Side note:

Baking soda is not replacing a healthy diet and drinks. Also, have some limits here. After a few weeks, stop and pause. Too much of this makes kidney pressure.

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