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Walk For Weight Loss, But How Much?

Walk is the best physical activity. Depending on how much you walk, you can lose even pound per week. Also 20 lb in 5 months with no diets and gym.

Walk for weight loss

Two things burn calories, walking and our weight. If average speed is for the hour, you will burn 400 calories. Adjust speed. Add 3 miles and burn more calories.

Also get pedometer for calorie track as you walk. This is easy.

Pedometer and weight loss

For the goal, you need motivation. Get pedometer, advised American medical association. Wear it around hips, this is light and counts steps. The wrist pedometers also monitor workouts. When you reach a goal, progress makes continue. Also pedometers may measure pounds lost too.

Steps for weight loss

Everyone must walk with same speed daily.

Some burn 100 cal per mile and some need more walking for the same.

The pattern

1 mile – 100 calories and 200 steps too

A pound is 3500 calories

Pound per week weight loss is 500 calories daily

For this walk 10.000 steps

Interesting walk

This can sometimes get boring, but in this case, change the route, walk with friend and family, change tracks every week, walk in fields and parks, play some music and for home, use treadmill.

Busy day tips

Park car far and walk more to work

If you get bus, get off earlier

Walk kids to school

Skip elevators

Avoid taxis

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