Very Powerful Black Lemonade Recipe For Cleansing And Body Detox But You Must Be Very Careful When Consuming It

As every day goes by, the search for the perfect cleanse method is greater because these days all of us live in a world full of harmful toxins that are very serious threat to our health.

Cleanses tend to be natural items that have a positive impact on our body in a very specific way by purifying it from harmful toxins and chemical substances. These include cleansing of the digestive tract and boosting our intestinal overall performance, improving our resting habits, and so on.

In our everyday life, we also need to include healthy methods, including a proper diet, water balance, avoiding caffeine and alcoholic beverages, quitting smoking and use of certain medications, and also other things.

The advantages of detoxification are limitless because also our energy levels and mental clarity will greatly improve as well in this process.


Eliminate possibly harmful meals, including whole wheat, processed, packed foods, processed simple sugars, bad fats and cow dairy.

  • You should use care products of natural origin.
  • When you wake up in the morning consume a lemon drink first.
  • Drink cold vegetable juices and consume organic products.
  • Do Epsom salts detoxification or take alkali bath.
  • Hydrate your body often.
  • Limit coffee intake.
  • Drink alcohol only for special occasions.
  • Stress, bad diet, and other environmental factors may affect your body in a negative way by overloading it with all these various kinds of toxins, therefore putting so much stress on our vital organs.

To prevent all this, make use of this simple cleansing treatment also known as black lemonade. It is all you need and will last for days. It really is healthy as well as organic.

This drink has a very strong taste and it appears dark in color mostly because of the ingredients it contains like lemon juice, filtered drinking water, pure maple syrup, Himalayan salt and activated charcoal.

The end result is more than beneficial when each one of these ingredients tends to be combined with each other.


Activated charcoal is not used in the barbeque grills. BBQ charcoal is toxic while activated charcoal is not toxic and its objective serves within the health department.

After the deoxidizing process of the charcoal, it is a form of carbon which is the main factor to cleanse the body and the skin from poisons.

You need to be very careful with these ingredients and avoid causing negative health issues.

In the healthcare industry, this charcoal finds its own place and is mostly used for treating medication overdose or even poisoning because of its ability to eliminate body toxins.

The outcomes of using it are very beneficial like shiny skin, more energy and no more bloating just by consuming this elixir for a period of two weeks. Read the instructions in the text below to learn how you can prepare this particular drink:


Amount: four servings

These are the ingredients:

– Filtered water: 4 cups

– Activated charcoal (capsules or powder): 1 tablespoon

– A little bit of Himalayan salt

– Fresh lemon juice:  1/2 cup

– Pure maple syrup: 1/4 cup


Make the lemon juice by completely squeezing thoroughly all lemons until the last drop and put it into a pitcher.

Add the charcoal capsules into the lemon juice and right afterward the remaining ingredients.

Stir well until everything is nicely mixed and even.

The elixir is now ready to be consumed on empty stomach one hour before breakfast time and dinner. Before consuming it mix well again.

You can keep it up for a duration of five days in the fridge.


Transfer the actual liquid into a sealed jar, and shake well before use.

Proceed slowly, simply because activated charcoal may cause you numerous detox side effects, such as skin issues. nausea, low energy, irritability and brain fog.


It’s very important to point out that women that are pregnant or breastfeeding babies must not use activated charcoal. In case you are taking some medication, it is best to consult with your doctor first in order to set up your regiment.

Foods can disturb the activated charcoal influence, therefore always remember to consume it on empty stomach. Also, do not panic if you notice a change of color in your stool because of the activated charcoal.

Source: healthteamadvisor.com

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