This Veggie Can Fix Any Issues In The Body

The beet  is a veggie that is among the healthiest. It is medicinal and cures many health issues. The red color is from the anthocyanins and also stops cancer!

This veggie was studied for cancer in humans and is tested for breast, pancreas and prostate cancer. Also it removes inflammation due to betaine for healthy heart. It has vitamins; B1, B2, B12, C, Mg, iron, copper, iodine, potassium and phosphorus.

The beet also has folic acid for prevention of fetus defects. It reduces cholesterol, improves blood flow and liver health. This aids the detox and overall health.

Due to the nitrates, it reduces hypertension. A study said that a glass of beet juice can reduce systolic pressure by 4-5 points.

You will have better stamina, endurance, performance for workouts and is good if you are athlete. Eat it cooked, raw, juiced, steamed…

Keep the green leafy tops and cook them to get the potassium (cup is 644 mg), zinc, protein, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, copper, vitamins A, C and more. These tops have more iron than spinach has!

A few experts said that this veggie can cure Alzheimer’s, boost energy and immunity and make stronger bones thus curing osteoporosis.

Many other studies said that eating potassium foods and removal of sodium decreases the risk of heart issues by 21%.

Another benefit here is cataracts prevention and less macular degeneration risks due to beta carotene.

Beets boost energy so when you feel tired, have a glass beet juice.

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