Using These Acupressure Areas You Will Eliminate Bloating, Gas And Stomach Pain!

Acupressure is essentially a technique from natural medicine practice and it is connected to acupuncture therapy and creating pressure upon some areas.

To be much more specific what this means is putting pressure on some of the points of the body to get health advantages. This includes much better digestion, zero bloating, healthful stomach with no gas. When it comes to bloating, gas and also discomfort these are the very best points:

Belly point- this is actually the middle of our own body, right on top of the belly button or the Center of one’s energy and another one beneath, Sea of one’s Energy. Treating: for the health problems, push on these areas and you will eliminate constipation, pains, frustration, backache, psychological anxiety as well as heartburn. Do it frequently and on regular basis.

Lower back area- they assist with bloated stomach and gas, they are within the waistline – Sea of Vitality. Treating it: if your stomach hurts otherwise you have belly aches as well as gas, try these areas. For those along with weak back, avoid this pressure point since it may worsen the issue.

Hands points- internal gate area or the inside of the wrist area. Treating: belly ache, much better digestion with no nausea may be the issues treated right here.

Leg Three Miles- known as the bellys 36 points for dealing with gas. Is also known as Zu San Li or the leg three miles. The source for the name is actually from rejuvenating the energy as well as making individuals walk much more or stroll 3 kilometers even when exhausted. Bend your own leg and put 4 fingertips underneath the kneecap. The main point is just where the small finger sits on the actual shinbone and you also require a soft spot now. Dealing with: with force here you receive more vitality in general, enhance immunity as well as digestion as well as remove throwing up, nausea, obstipation, gas as well as diarrhea.

Feet pressure points- shiatsu areas for gasses removal, they are on the feet, cross an ankle over a knee and discover the pressure point. The very first is on the midfoot top as well as 1 finger out from the actual foot. The second point is where the bones of the second toe and toenail connect within the foot top. Treating: place pressure within the first one for about 1 minute to relieve the stomach and eliminate gas. For your second, place pressure to get rid of bloating.

Three Yin Crossing- this really has the width of 3 fingers on top of the inner ankle joint. Treating: place pressure on top of this point for lower stomach issues such as distention, colitis and unwanted gas. Other good 3 points that are fantastic to know plus some other suggestions are provided below too.


  • Mild massages as well as pressure applying
  • Practicing virtually all 4 techniques regularly and you will become an expert
  • At the deep points, therapeutic massage in circles
  • Use oils to enhance effects. Oils assist for eliminating gas and it eases after the session
  • During the acupressure, try to feel comfortable as well as relaxed, inhale properly as well as close your eyes
  • Do it again as frequently as you require to
  • If you have some discomfort, ask for someone’s help, an associate or attempt again.


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