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Use Vinegar In Your Garden

This has many uses in the kitchen, but also in the garden. There exist many chemicals/fertilizers that cost a lot and harm the health and soil too.

The good part is that there is an eco-friendly with many garden benefits. It has many super powers.

The 12 vinegar benefits

For cats and pests– rabbits, cats, dogs, moles, rodents all hate smelling vinegar. Keep them at bay from the garden. Spray white vinegar and they will be far away. Or soak old clothes and put them on stakes near the garden. After rains, add more.

Clean clay pots– clay pots make soil moist and keep roots safe in the hot summer. Also they are good décor. But clay pots absorb salts and minerals of water so they look bad. For this, vinegar is good. It will clean the pots well. Just scrub them from crust. Add 5% vinegar in 3-4 cups water and put the pots in this. After 30 min, wipe off residues with vinegar.

Removal of ants– this is the best insecticide. Spray the areas with vinegar and remove ants. Do this a few days.

Repel weeds– use vinegar to remove weeds on walkway and walls.

Longer life of cut flowers– get 2 tbsp vinegar and 1 tsp sugar in vase, put the flowers there and change every 3-5 days. Flowers will get the food they need.

Removal of weeds– the best antiweed item. Add cup salt, 2 tbsp dish soap, 1 tbsp lemon juice, gallon 5% white vinegar. Mix and put in spray bottle. Spray in the garden.

Removal of garden insects-1 part vinegar, 3 parts water, 1 tsp dishwash soap in spray bottle.

Removal of fruit flies– 1 tbsp molasses, ½ cup ACV, ¼ cup sugar and 1 cup water. Put this in container and hang on the tree. Fruit flies will get trapped in this, but household flies too.

Refresh acid loving plants– keep gardenias, azaleas, rhododendrons well with cup vinegar, gallon water and put this on plant.

No rust in garden tools– spray undiluted vinegar and dip them for a few minutes. Then rinse.

No fungi– if plants lack growth and have spots on stems and leaves, they have fungi or mold. White vinegar is for this aim. Brew chamomile tea, add 2 tsp vinegar, spray plants with this to make them bigger. For roses mix 4 liters water, 3 tbsps ACV and spray them.

No slugs and snails– keep them far from the garden with vinegar.

Seed germination

Use this for germinating seeds for moonflower, okra, asparagus, glories and such.

Get coarse sandpaper, rub the seeds, this is done night prior seeding. Mix 125 ml vinegar and 500 ml warm water. Soak the seeds here and the next day plant them and they will soon grow.

Source and image source: healthandlovepage.com



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