Twenty Cancer Signs Mostly Ignored By Women…


Short/Wheeze – this is a sing for possible presence of a lung cancer.

Coughing and upper body pains- a few kinds of cancer [like lung and leukemia], have coughing as a sign that occurs. On first glance it seems as though the cough is just a bronchitis, however it is more. Additionally, the pain in the chest might proceed from the upper body to the shoulders and straight down to the arms.

Fevers as well as infection- these symptoms could mean leukemia is present since the marrow itself is impacted. Leukemia makes the marrow create ill blood cells which take all of your immunity away.

Having difficulties when swallowing- The problems to swallow & consume foods can possibly mean that you have tonsils (throat) or esophageal cancer. In some cases, it could even be a sing for lung cancer.

Lymph nodes swelling or in your neck/armpit/groin, and also a sing of large lymph nodes could imply that the lymph system might be infested with cancer.

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More bruising and bleeding than the normal; this could imply that your red blood cells are impacted which results in leukemia. Also, with leukemia, as the time goes by the red-colored blood cells steal the actual oxygen flow in circulation.

Weakness/fatigue- this is often considered as a result of various factors. But these symptoms are also present in numerous types of cancer as well. You need to look for some other signs as well. If you are relaxed but still really feel this way, please get an appointment with your doctor and do a thorough medical check.


Belatedness and increased stomach weight- Females suffering from ovary cancer have experienced bloated stomach and for longer period of time.

Satiety and decreased appetite- this is an additional sign associated with ovary cancer. Women consume less food and they do not need to consume more.

Pelvic pain as well as abdomen pain; this usually means ovarian cancer as mentioned above. Leukemia also leads to this because of the larger melancholy.


A bloodstream in your stool/rectum- this is obviously colorectal malignancy and this also indicates that you need urgently to do a colonoscopy examination.

Unusual/Drastic weight loss- this could be a sing of intestinal tract cancer or even digestion/tract system cancer. This Indicates that the malignancy is now within the liver thus the appetite is actually impaired, and as a result the entire body cannot properly manage the waste anymore.

Upset belly- cramps, this implies a possibility of colorectal cancer.

Red-colored, swollen as well as sore breasts- obviously suggest a possible breast cancer.

Nipple change- this is a common sign of breast cancer. In some cases, the nipples get inverted upside down, flat or even sideways. If you notice these sings, please contact your doctor.

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Weighty and painful periods or even abnormal; this might be a sing of uterus malignancy so ultra sound exam is needed.

Swollen face; These symptoms are known to appear with patients who suffer of lung cancer stated they have fluffy and inflamed faces or even red faces. This could mean that a little lung tumor has blocked the blood circulation inside the upper body, chest and head area as well.

Pores and sore skin changes or even crusty sore- this could be a sing of skin cancer and may be; fundamental cell cancer, melanoma, or even squamous cellular carcinoma. If you notice some of this sings you need to check your whole body as well as your nails as well.

Nail changes; Some nail changes may be a sing of lung malignancy (tipped on the fingernails) or skin cancer along with skin spots or even streaks (brownish and dark), under the toenails. Pale as well as whitish fingernails are sings of a liver cancer.

Pain in your lower back and pain in your right side – this can be a sign of a liver cancer as well. In addition, the breast cancer can also make this kind of discomfort due to the placing and pushing of the tumor in the upper body or when the cancer had already affected your ribs.


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