Natural Remedies

This Is Why The Chinese Use Honey And Cinnamon For Centuries To CURE Diseases!

The actual Chinese conventional medicine utilized honey as well as cinnamon for countless years and this blend was used as a home cure for much more time. Honey may be the healthiest natural food on the planet and cinnamon the world’s best spice.

The essential oil of cinnamon and honey enzymes create hydrogen peroxide and these two are the best to fight microorganisms that make fungus or germs.

This blend is healthful and helps with these instances:


For coughing, nasal blockage take spoon of honey as well as ¼ teaspoon cinnamon for 3 consecutive days.


Honey comes with an item which kills infections and prevents influenza.


Within a tea mug, add two tbsp. honey and three teaspoons cinnamon, drink this and bad cholesterol will get decreased by 10% in JUST 2 hrs.!

Rheumatoid arthritis

For this, consume this blend 2 times each day, morning as well as night. Include 2 tbsp. honey along with 1 teaspoon cinnamon within warm water.

Boost health

Get this blend regularly as well as increase immunity against viruses and bacteria.

Belly pains

Get this blend all the time to soothe the actual belly and stop ulcers.


Blend cinnamon as well as honey to get a paste as well as apply around the acne prior to bed. Once you wake up, wash the face.

Gallbladder infection

Include 2 tbsp. cinnamon as well as 1 teaspoon honey within warm water, consume it each day to eliminate microbes.


Specialists said that this mix treats belly malignancy. Here, blend 1 tbsp. cinnamon as well as 1 teaspoon honey and drink it for 3 whole months.

Heart problems

Make honey cinnamon paste and distribute it on a loaf of bread. For breakfast time this will reduce bad cholesterol and stop myocardial infarction risks.

Hair loss

Regarding baldness, blend 1 tbsp. cinnamon as well as 1 tbsp. olive oil, then include 1 tbsp. honey. Rub the head with this soon after 15 minutes rinse.

Weight loss

Have cinnamon as well as honey along with water prior to breakfast, a minimum of 30 minutes prior. This additionally, helps in slimming down healthy.

Exactly how is this produced:

Heat up honey within a pot and when it melts, add cinnamon. The mix is going to be thick such as caramel and ingest 1 teaspoon of this thirty min just before every meal.




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