The Truth About Chemo!


  1. In 2006 there have been new malignancy cases, 1, 685, 210 to be identified in The United States and fatality followed 595, 690 of these
  2. Most typical cancer type in 2016 is actually lung, bronchus cancers and breast, additionally prostatic cancer, rectum and Additionally, bladder, skin melanoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, kidney, thyroid, , renal pelvis malignancy, pancreatic cancer, leukemia andendometrial.
  3. The new malignancy number is actually 454. 8 per 100. 000 women and men yearly, based on stats in between 2008-2012.


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  1. The people living through the malignancy is 14. 5 mil by 2014 and it will get to 19 mil by 2024.
  2. Men have higher fatality rates associated with cancer compared to women, 207. 9 per 100. 000 males and 145. 4 per 100. 000 females. It’s the highest within African American men, 261. 5 per 100. 000 as well as lowest in Asian regions’ females, 91. 2 per 100. 000, based to 2008-2012 stats.
  3. More or less 39. 6 % both women and men are to be identified as having cancer throughout their lifetime, as to 2010-2012 statistics.
  4. In 2014, around 15. 780 kids and young children between 0-19 were clinically determined to have cancer and also1960 of them
  5. The expenditures, or even national expenses for malignancy care within USA is actually 125 billion dollars in 2010 and by 2020 will certainly reach 156 billion dollars.


Unfortunately, these statistics lately show more or less 1 of 2 males and 1 of 3 females can get some malignancy in their life time. Even worse, there is still absolutely no certain technique or remedy for malignancy by now, as well as treatments used now make things exactly the same or even worse.
A physician of Berkley, Hardin B. Jones, an ex – healthcare physics as well as physiology teacher, said chemo never functions and is the pure scam for the malignancy industry. He explained there is only one particular reason why doctors vow by chemo – cash they will receive.


According to his research from the last twenty five years, Doctor Jones figured chemo can make damage even more to patients. He explained that people who refused chemo lived a bit longer, by more than a decade when compared with those that had chemo. Those that have the chemo, pass away within the 3 yr span from the medical diagnosis or even sooner. Additionally, he adds that breast cancer patients who decline therapy live four times longer.
The United States has costs of $8. 713 per individual for health care, that is a lot more than any other good-income nation globally and still their own life span expectations is 78. 8 yrs. This is because the actual healthcare as well as media program pay attention to dealing with diseases rather than teaching people about alternative techniques. So we need to inform ourselves!

Healthy and balanced diets, physical exercise, much less stress and relaxing is phase number 1.




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