The Greatest Tea Made From Natural Remedies To Deal With Swellings In Your Ankles, Feet, Hips And Legs!


At some point of our life’s, all of us had swellings in the legs, feet or ankles. This is quite IRRITATING, PAINFUL and UNPLEASANT


– Sitting or Standing for a long periods of time

– Eating too much salty food (known as Junk Food)


– Bad blood circulation

– Pregnancy

– Medications side effects

Frequently, such inflamed areas tend to be normal for individuals that stand up or sit down a lot throughout the day or when it comes to pregnant women as well, however persistent issues of this kind without having other symptoms could mean a severe problem. This is known as peripheral edema and can be an indicator for more severe problems such as kidney problems, liver or even heart problems. If these symptoms don’t disappear, see a physician at the earliest possible time.

For those who not often experience swellings, there are some natural herbs and remedies for this issues. Additionally, they aid your body in removing extra bodyweight by cleaning the system as well, such herb is the Parsley.

Basically, parsley comes in two types: curled & Italian with smooth leaves as well as sharp surface.
We all know as well we all have seen exactly how parsley is applied for design of extravagant and elegant meals (this practice is common in most countries around the world). However, the majority of us remove the parsley to the side and only consume the main meal served on the dish.Dozens of studies revealed consuming parsley to be helpful in prevention of diseases such as digestion problems, menstrual pain, infections, breathing difficulties, bone tissue problems, hypertension as well as bronchitis.


This magnificent herb is a natural diuretic. Additionally, it removes the extra water from the body as well as salts, it fuels kidneys to operate better and also removes the extra material from the blood cells.
Parsley, since it is a diuretic, invokes pumps of sodium and potassium ion. Additionally, it influences the entire process of osmosis. Also, it creates much more urine and improves its flow. In addition to the above, when using parsley, it offers a large amount of potassium (organic one) which does not make you get low potassium in the bloodstream and cause further complications.
An additional Brazilian research which was published back in 2009, had comparable positive remarks on parsley regarding high blood pressure and the flow of urine.


The physician Dr. John R Christopher, a good author as well as herbalist as well, recommended consuming 2 cup parsley tea (64 oz) a day, in order for you to have the best possible results.
When you prepare this tea please only use fresh leaves, roots as well as seeds (if you have) for best results.


Cut the leaves and the roots fine and insert 1 {1 / 4} parsley within an infusion dish or container. Then, put boiled drinking water and add it to a teapot.Let it cool off (5-7 min) and take away the container before you decide to strain it.For fragrance and good smell add darling, lemon or even ginger. One more thing, keep in mind to make use of the techniques for reducing of the swellings such as: lifting of the hip and legs on bedroom cushions, on the height just above the heart. Also, please exercise the hip and legs in order to improve the blood circulation to the heart.

Source: organichealthuniverse.com



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