Diet & Weight Loss

Sugar Detox In 10 Days To Restart Body And Brain

Cancer, dementia, acne, depression, infertility, heart issues. This is nothing sweet. Studies said that the average American has almost 200 lbs in his 60s and a woman has 140 lbs while most men are 160 lbs, this is normal weight.

Big 10

Over 600 people tested the Mark Hyman MD diet to lose 4000 lbs in 10 days. Just ask when was the last time you lost 7 lbs In 14 days. Did this work? This diet has no cravings, no boring and bland foods, just healthy foods. Hyman made this to reverse sugar addiction and refresh the brain and body.

10 day detox

These are 10 ideas for detox and carb detox too, results in 10 days.

Cold turkey

Alcoholics do not even get 1 drink, so same for food. Stop fast. No additives, sweeteners, all these slow metabolism, cravings and fats too. You will eat NO box foods, no packed and semi done foods, just raw and fresh.

Never drink calories

Liquid sugary drinks and sodas are bad said Hyman. Even one soda makes obesity risk for 60% more and for women, diabetes 2 by 80%

Protein shake powders

This balances sugar and insulin too because it has no carbs. Have eggs for breakfast or this shake. Have seeds, nuts, eggs, fish, veggies, chicken. protein gives more satiety. Protein is breaking down slower and gives more energy. A good serve size is 6 oz tops.

Good carbs freely

Have veggies limitless, starchy ones too like beet, squash, potato. Greens, cauliflower, asparagus, kale, green beans, pepper, mushrooms, artichokes, zucchini, tomatoes.

Sugar is fought with fat

Fat makes you feel full and tracks blood sugar.

Prepare for emergency

Fast foods and vending machines are attractive, but Hyman said you always need emergency package nearby. Good fats, proteins, good snacks. Have artisana nut butter, coconut butter, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seed, salmon and turkey jerky, sardines, sour blueberries.

Distress or de-stress, hm?

The stress hormone cortisol makes you hungry a lot and keeps fat intact, thus you get diabetes 2. Breathe well and activate the vagus nerve for metabolism. This is linked to fat storing. Try Hyman’s 5 deep breaths. Take 5 breaths, deep, relax and count to 5. Repeat this 5 times.

Inflammation dousing

Two sensitivities to food are hidden, dairy and gluten. Many even crave these the most. These are hard to avoid since they have strange taste, but keep up. More energy will pay off.

Good sleep

Most deprived of this are students. They sleep 2 of 8 hours. This made more cravings and less suppressing hormones, so they craved sweets and carbs.

Lack of sleep needs more energy and more sugar to keep up. After that we crash.

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