Studies Proved 4 Spoons Of This Daily Removes Cancer

A lot of people discovered the cancer cure one of them is the Russian expert Hristo Mesmerski. He got the cancer cure best. This is handy and healthy and removes cancer.

This gives stamina, boosted immunity and heart. Clean vessels and liver, kidneys and more. Boosted memory and makes brain better. Also stops heart attack risks and removes some cancers.

Power cure recipe

You need:

12 garlic cloves

400 g walnuts

15 lemons

400 g sprout greens

1 kg honey

How is the green wheat cooked?

Get a glass bowl and put the wheat. Add water to cover the wheat and soak for the night. After 12 hours, drain it and wash with water. Use gauze for straining. Put it back and leave it for a day.


In a grinder, add the walnuts, wheat and garlic. Grind 5 lemons with peel. The rest 10 lemons are juiced and added. Mix again and add honey with wooden spoon. Put this in glass jar and refrigerate for use after 3 days.


Mesmerski said drink half before bed and for cancer 2 spoons every 2 hours, for amazing health and metabolism.

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