Soak 4 Almonds Overnight And Eat Them After Waking Up. Amazing For The Body

Did you know that soaked almonds are better for you? They have many vitamins and minerals, like E, calcium, zinc, magnesium and even omega 3 acids.

Why soak them before eating?

There is an inhibitor for enzymes in the skin of dry almonds and this can protect the seed for germination moisture. This inhibitor is released when you soak the almonds.

Eating soaked almonds will make them good for digestion and give you more nutrients. Also they are healthier this way.

Benefits of soaked almonds daily:

For the heart– the potassium, protein and monounsaturated fats are keeping the heart healthy. The vitamin E reduces heart issues and magnesium prevents attacks. Also they remove inflammation in arteries.

More energy– the best way for more energy is handful almonds daily. This makes better metabolic rate due to copper, manganese and riboflavin.

Less cholesterol– due to the vitamin E and calcium, they lower cholesterol.

For the brain– almonds make the brain healthier. They have riboflavin and L-carnitine for better brain work of the neural paths and this decreases risk of Alzheimer’s.

Healthy bones– due to the minerals, vitamins and phosphorus bones get better. The phosphorus prevents osteoporosis and makes teeth and bones better.

Regulating pressure– the potassium levels the pressure and the low sodium controls it.

Prevention of cancer– if you improve food moving in the colon, you reduce risk of colon cancer. Eat such almonds!

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