Signs Of Too Much Sugar Eating

 Sugar is tasty but in excess amounts It damages the health. see all the alarming signs of excess sugar eating.

Fatigue and no energy

Fatigue that lasts is not good. Sugars give energy boosts and stamina, but only a short while.

Carb and sugar craving

You might be a sugar addict if you crave such things all the time. Yes, there are sugar addictions. If you cannot hold it with no carb or sugar, you might be addict.

Chronic flu and colds

If you are often sick, more than you should, it could be due to sugars. Sugar weakens immunity and cannot fight off cold, flu, viruses. Brain is foggy after meals and this is due to low sugars. Excess sugars is making sugar spikes. Bad sugar control is cognition problem.

Lost sweetness

Excess sugar makes buds for taste damaged to sugar foods. You crave more sugar than before and still lack sweetness. Lower this tolerance and if you think things are too sweet, start to eat in moderation again.

Skin and feet problems

When you eat sugar, inflammation raises and makes skin issues. If you have dryness, eczema, rosacea, acne, oiliness, sugar is the fault. Remove it. podiatrist NY S. Green said sugar inflames feet too. It shows as plantar fasciitis and makes pain in the thick layer across the sole, heel and root. Also sugar makes adrenal fatigue and undereye circles.

Weight gain

Excess sugar means calories too with no protein and fibers, so you eat a lot. Also it makes insulin release for weight gain. The pancreas releases insulin and leads to insulin resistance. Here the body cannot cope with insulin well and weight gain is from excess calories. This leads to diabetes.

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