Say Goodbye To Hair Loss Forever By Putting These Two Ingredients In Your Shampoo!

The appearance of your hair gives a very good boost about your looks and also gives a lot of information related to your health.

Already available on the market, there are lots of numerous hair care products which say that they are capable of making your hair become longer. Nevertheless at the end it seems that their own results are hardly noticeable plus they do not satisfy their guarantees.

Additionally, these products are more likely to cause health related issues because a many of these hair products are full of poisonous substances and other chemicals which are capable of causing too many issues rather than improving your own health.

Good thing is, right now in these present times you have the chance to make your already broken and lose hair a lot stronger by simply using these three components of organic origin, whenever you mix them with your everyday shampoo.  This DO-IT-YOURSELF recipe that is home-made, is extremely cheap, quite effective and very easy & simple to prepare.

Read below to learn how to prepare this hair growth recipe!


  1. Essential lemon oil – put 10 drops (this is good for your scalp, will make your hair very fresh and it also has antibacterial properties)
  2. Essential rosemary oil – put 10 drops (yet another great component which gives your hair strength and improves blood flow within the scalp)
  3. Vitamin E capsules – use 2 (Vitamin E has been proven to help fight against hair loss)
  4. A neutral Ph level natural shampoo


For best results just take your everyday regular neutral pH level hair shampoo and put two vitamin E capsules, next put the 10 drops of the lemon and the rosemary essential oils.

Right after you mix the ingredients, make sure that you shake well the shampoo mixture and that’s really all about it. Now you should have your own remarkable shampoo that works wonders for hair growth.


Use this shampoo on a regular basis every time when you wash your hair.

Make sure you wash clean the hair first and then put the mixture over the hair and carefully massage the area going through all of your hair along with the scalp.  10 minutes is all you need for this massage.

Additionally, you must make sure that the mixture rests within your hair and also on the scalp for additional 10 minutes.

When the duration of time passes, carefully and deeply wash the scalp and the hair with warm water and that’s it pretty much!

The mixture improves the blood flow in the scalp and also makes your hair roots a lot stronger simply because in this way your hair receives fast stimulation and also begins growing at the same time.

It’s time to go out and prepare this mixture at home which is ideal for hair growth and believe me personally, you will not regret it!


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