Save Money And Skip The Pressure And Cholesterol Meds. Have This For A Week Instead

Lately, the common problems are cholesterol and pressure. They damage the heart and still can be cured. This is the best cure of nature, and many people tried this.

Both these issues make atherosclerosis too and can be deadly.

The hypertension and cholesterol affect anyone and anywhere. The natural cure can reduce the drug damages, cheap and amazing.

The cure

You need:

Garlic clove grated

Ginger piece grated

1 tablespoon acv

Small spoon honey

A cup lemon juice


Blend all items and refrigerate them in a jar for 5 days.

Have 1 tbsp before breakfast and 1 before dinner. No more than 3 tbsp daily. Heart will be healthier.

Cleanse from  meds. These are the benefits

  • Better immunity and no viruses
  • Nutrients and vitamins
  • Antioxidants and no free radicals
  • Prevention to cancer

Have workouts, sleep, no smoking, lots of water, no stress and alcohol.

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