Natural Remedies

Remove Toxins And Liver Damage As You Make Better Digestion With All Natural Items – 8 Superfoods For Liver

Some foods make liver healthy and refreshed. Liver is the only organ that regenerates. The starfish grows limbs like a lizard and tails too, so liver rejuvenates.

The Journal of biological chemistry made a study where liver rejuvenation was made simple. Cells that regenerate act like embryo cells in liver. Lately, experts discovered that some proteins can make rejuvenation. These cells could even be stimulated in those with damaged  or removed liver.

After researches, it was said that cells mimicking embryo cells is false, and rejuvenation happens from cell division. By activation of some proteins, this is possible instead.

Foods for liver rejuvenating

The liver takes care of itself, but also you need healthy diet too.

  • Garlic- lowers cholesterol and damages to liver. Also has enzymes for toxin cleanse and health
  • Grapefruit- it has antioxidants and fibers. Makes good cholesterol and also can meddle with some meds so talk to a doctor first.
  • Leafy green veggies- spinach, kale, broccoli for more chlorophyll and detox.
  • Avocado- they have 20 times more nutrients for the whole body. Free radicals are neutralized and you have more glutathione
  • Apple- for cleanse and detox
  • Brussels sprouts- similar to garlic, they have sulfur and this is vital for the liver. Also antioxidants for free radical damage safety. Cook them with garlic!

Other examples

There are many more apart from those above, so for snack have leeks, berries, artichokes, lemon, arugula, onion, bitter gourd, probiotic yoghurt.

Protein help for the liver rejuvenating

Similar to previously, the UC Davis expert made link between liver rejuvenating and protein. A protein named PPARa was seen as test on mice and in the end they all had better liver.

For humans to boost this protein, they need protein fibroplast factor 21 FGF21. The paper author (‘ Yu-Ji Yvonne Wan’) said they found this factor is safe and speeds liver renewal and repair. Data said this same factor rejuvenates regardless of damage from virus, alcohol or else.

This showed PPARa was best for repair in mice rather than humans. Adding FGF21 sped things up better than PPARa. Also the factor FGF21 made better metabolism of fat, less fatty liver in animals, less resistance to insulin and more.

Wan added that they uncovered FGF21 is great molecule to repair liver.

The vital part for liver repair is now known

Proteins make better liver health and studies now say a cell has a role too!

The journal CELL made a study that said cells ‘hybrid hepatocytes’ make new tissues. This was tested on mice and they got toxin exposure. Professionals looked at this and said new cells had no cancer by hybrid hepatocytes. They got motivation to explore this hybrid topic more.

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