Remove Skin Warts Easy And Cheap – At Home

Skin warts are harmless growths on the skin, appear from nowhere and are infection on the top skin layer made from HPV virus.

There are over 60 kinds HPV and some make skin warts. This virus goes deep in the skin and looks like a scratch but it rapidly grows and makes warts. Usually this is shown on hands.

A common wart has the same skin color as the skin and is light. It is not a health risk, just beauty damage.

It also shows on groin, armpits, neck, under breasts, belly, eyelids, and elder people get them mostly. But another body part can have them too. Everyone can get a wart.

Sometimes they can bleed and hurt and become a bigger problem.

As we age, size and number of warts increase. The cause for this is not known yet but possible cause for development is genes and thickness. Go to a doctor to see if you have fibroma and get a treatment. The best time to remove warts is in less sunny weather, autumn spring, winter.

There are a few methods like electrocoagulation, laser, radiosurgery, applantion. If the fibroma is small, one treatment is ok. Also antibiotics for 5 days and good hygiene.

As precaution, avoid sweating for several days and this speeds healing.

How to use acv for fibroma?

The acv is the best natural cure. It heals and removes fibroma also. It has acidity that helps a lot.

Do not use it in the eye fibromas.

How to cure the fibroma with acv

  • Water and mild soap for cleaning
  • Soak the fibroma in water and after 15 min rub with toothbrush and dry it
  • Soak cotton in acv and apply there, secure with bandage
  • After 15 min rinse with water
  • Repeat this 3 times daily for a week
  • Wart changes color after this, gets dark and then falls off
  • Depends on size, but there might be scar after this. To prevent this, use aloe or marigold creams
  • If the fibroma is shallow, again be careful

Keep in mind

Careful with the acv since it might make red skin.

If there is a scab stop with the acv

Do not peel and remove the scab, it will fall itself.

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