Remove Kidney Stones With This Amazing Remedy

Kidneys are vital organs and they remove toxins of the body, as well as salt and other excess items. They need a cleanse sometimes.

They are delicate and deal with toxins and salts. Also pollutants and stones and sand. To prevent this, detox them.

You need:

Coriander or handful parsley



Get the parsley and chop it to pieces. Put this in bowl, soak it with water and boil for 15 min. remove from heat and cool, then refrigerate.


Have a cup of this daily, cold. Urine might change color after the first 2 days. Kidneys will cleanse.

Make tea of the leaves. Mix them and after 30 min under lid, consume this. Have it daily for a month.

Parsley also eases PMS cramps and signs. Detox is made too with lemons, apples, watermelons. Have olive oil too for flushing kidney stones easy.

If you have serious issues, have more hydration and liquids, not just tea. If you are pregnant, avoid this.

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