Remove Fungi Of Toenails With Just 2 Items

The fungi appear anywhere and fungi nail can occur after fungi attacks us on the feet or skin under nails.

The AAD American academy of dermatology said fungi can attack toenails since toes are trapped in shoes and are warm and moist, perfect for bacteria.

Fungi exist in and out of us and bacteria too. When they grow, you might get infections.

For a healthy person, fungi is not serious. Otherwise, this hurts, looks bad and damages the nail plate.

Remove fungi permanent

Baking soda cannot remove fungi. But it can cleanse them and block them in the future.

Vinegar is acid and stops fungi to grow more. No worries, nail and skin will not be damaged from the vinegar.

You need:

5 tbsp baking soda


Paper towels

1 cup vinegar or acv


Mix a cup acv and water and soak the feet for 15 min. then add some baking soda in the water and soak 15 min more. Dry well.

Do this daily for 2 times to kill fungi.

Tip: before this, trim nails and use clean clippers. After that, wash the clipper with alcohol and rinse feet well.

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