Put Ice Here 2 Times Per Day – Amazing!

The ancient Chinese medicine believed body energy or chi travels in paths or meridians with pressure points.

Acupuncturists and other experts said problems are from blockage and imbalance in chi. So improve this flow of energy and have healthier organs.

Every meridian is linked to some internal organ and massage on some points releases blocked chi, removes tension and draws in channel.

Also, ice cubes on neck areas makes good health, mood and energy.

Try this safe, easy and simple Chinese method for health boost.

Feng fu or wind mansion spot is between tendon in back of neck and skull base top of neck, near hairline.

Sit on the belly or lie down, put the ice on this spot and after 20 min it is over. Secure this with bandage or scarf. The cold will be bad, but after some time, you will feel heat.

Chinese medicine restores physical and mental health and rejuvenates you.

Stimulation of this point makes:

  • Better breathing
  • No asthma
  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion
  • No headache, toothache and joint pain
  • Less colds
  • Curing thyroid
  • No arthritis
  • PMS regulation
  • Gastro regulation
  • No fatigue, stress, depression

This technique is not good for pregnancy, schizophrenia, or pacemaker people.

See the video below for more info.

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