Prevent Gout And Joint Pain At Home

The uric acid crystals make kidney failure, gout, arthritis and pain. This pain might become chronic and develop more. Gout leads to inflammation and acute arthritis too.

This is a metabolic disorder from excess uric acid in the feet. This makes pain attacks and chalkstone deposits. Bad uric acid metabolism makes swelling and stiffness. Some have this instantly. This is too much uric acid and not proper waste removal. Everyone with gout has excess uric acid.

This is hyperuricemia, and small percent have this that develop gout. Bad  working of kidneys also causes this. Crystals are formed near joints and inflame them.

Remove uric acid in several ways to be healthier. Have life and diet changes, eat organic produce, no sugars, no fast food, no alcohol and fats.

Have more water to remove waste and toxins. And have fruit water, sugar-free juices, herbal teas.

These are the best tonics:

  • Baking soda ½ tsp in cup water daily. Add a whole spoon for more pain
  • Lemon water makes alkalinity and stops gout. Affects uric acids. Get ½ lemon juice and 20 ml warm water every day before breakfast.
  • ACV is same as lemon water. Get 1 tbsp ACV in 200 ml water before a meal.
  • Turmeric has curcuma for removal of inflammation and kidney protection.
  • Bromelain in pineapple that removes inflammation and is analgesic.
  • Flax seeds also help reduce uric acid and are good for overall health

Also  get rid of stress since this affects the health too. And have workouts.

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