Predict A Heart Attack Even Before It Starts

The main death cause in the world is heart attack, stats claim this lethal cause. But, you can prevent this even before it happens.

The body has some signs and changes prior this. These are in the hair, especially the hormone for stress cortisol, this informs us of attacks before they happen.

Canada experts studies some marriage problems, finance and work issues as greatest risks for the heart damages. Cortisol can be measured in the saliva, blood and urine.

Gideon Koran and Stan Van Mind, professors of Western Ontario university explained these examples all had excess cortisol days or hours before the attack.


The hair can signal this simple. It grows 1 cm monthly and even 6 inches hair can show cortisol piled of some time.

This proved with hair samples of 56 people. This was compared to people that had no heart problems and issues.

Source and image source:



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