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This Plant Inside The Home Removes Mice, Bugs, Spiders…

Many species on earth are disgusting and insects are one of them. They are anthropods and have divided body in parts, the cover they have is exoskeleton and changes like a shell. They have unique limbs and antennas, wings too. Their size is small or medium. Some eat plants and some meat.

We think of them as ugly and bad, or harmful but this is natural.

Plant for repelling plagues – the role of insects is decomposing organic matters. Also pollinizing plants, vital for ecology and economy. Also you can remove these insects now, fast and healthy. This repellent is natural and simple. Get fresh mint.


The method is simple and easy. Make a nice, strong mint tea. Put this in spray bottle and  spray it in every corner. Also more behind doors, corners, rims. The nice minty smell us hated by bugs. This chases them and rodents too, leaving your house smelling fresh.

Source and image source: supertastyrecipes.com



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