Pineapple Water Makes Detox, Weight Loss And Less Joint Swelling And Pains

This fruit is tropical and has many nutrients.

It has vitamin C, bromelain and more.

The pineapple water is beneficial and removes pain, swelling, weight loss support, boosting immunity and more.

Have it daily every morning and get more energy, and better mood.

The rich nutrition here and healing benefits makes many advantages. The benefits of this water are:

Better thyroid– this drink has bromelain and iodine for the thyroid and such issues

Digestion– bromelain aids digestion and protein breakdown

No intestine parasites– studies said this water for 3 days removes worms and parasites in intestines

No inflammation– bromelain soothes inflammation and detoxes tissues too. Have it daily and treat injuries and arthritis

Stringer gums and teeth– this drink has calcium for bones and teeth

Balance in electrolytes– it has potassium for balance in electrolytes and fatigue

Removal of toxins and heavy metals– there are antioxidants and enzymes here for removal of toxins

Cancer prevention– a study said bromelain is better than 5-fluorouracil, chemo drug for cancer

Better sight– the beta carotene makes good eye sight and is antioxidant. Experts said 3 or more serves lower macular degeneration risk, making blindness in elder people

Weight loss– this fruit is diuretic and removes excess water, treats retention and boosts metabolism

Recipe for the water

You need:

6 mint leaves

Liter water

1 pineapple


Peel the pineapple and chop it. put water in jar, add the fruit, add mint and close jar. Refrigerate 10 hours.

Have a glass of this when you wake up, before you eat and all day long too.

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