People Should Not Kiss Baby’s Lips! This Is Why

If you have a kid, there is nothing more valuable than the health of the baby. If a friend says his kid has a cold and they cannot visit, there is a good reason for this. If you have a play date at the park with healthy kids and newborns and a kid coughs or has green snot, this is not good!

Or if someone visits you with their sick kid…ditto!

Never allow these things!

If the kids are sick, stay at home with them, do not send them to kindergarten. Do not have play dates. Do not let them near other kids. Do not spread those germs. Every parent needs to have a healthy kid and a week free of illnesses, vomiting and more. Parents also need a rest, as well as their kids.

If you think this is too much, it isn’t. Moms are not paranoid when they wrap the kid and rush to the doctors. However, kids cannot stay in a bubble forever.

Read the horror story of UK mother, Claire Henderson. Her newborn girl Brooke got kissed on the mouth. She spent 5 days in the hospital for mouth, cheeks and chin herpes!

However, she got lucky. The cold sores can be lethal for babies under 3 months. The proof for this is the case of Queensland last year when it showed how baby Eloise Lampton died days after she was born.

So, no mouth kisses!

Even if you are healthy, please do not do this.

If someone has cold sores, let them be distant.

Why would you kiss a clean, innocent little human on the lips? Even without the cold sores?

There is no excuse. For the first 6 weeks, babies lack immunity and cannot fight daily germs. To you this is just runny nose or cold sores. But for the baby it can be quite serious.

Every human has the right to grow up healthy.

I wanted to visit friends whose baby is less than 6 weeks old, but I waited a bit more.

This has to be a rule. Regardless how the other person feels, politely point this out.

No judging over protection for your kid. There is no guilt in keeping your baby healthy.

No kisses on newborns’ lips! And if you or your kids are sick, reschedule the visit!

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