One Spoon ACV Can Remove Health Issues

Acv is common kitchen and house item. Many people lack knowledge in its benefits. Here you can read about the ACV benefits when taken for 60 days.

Antioxidant– it has gallic acid and caffeic, chlorogenic too , all antioxidants. They keep toxins away.

Healthy cholesterol– this balances cholesterol and oxidation, also stops damaged arteries.

Blood sugar– acv lowers blood sugar, aids starch digestion and keeps sugar spikes rare.

No acid reflux– if you have low acids in gut, you will have acid reflux. Have spoon ACV and water

Nutrients– acv with its acetic acid makes you get more nutrients after meals. Add this in salad of greens

Weight loss– acetic acid also boosts metabolism and removes edema and cravings

Candida removal– ACV removes fungi and fights infections. Have spoon daily for 2 months.

Sinus relief– acv relieves sinuses and softens their mucus, also clears nasal paths. For this have 2 spoons.

More tips

Get only raw ACV and unfiltered

Dilute 2 spoons in glass water and add lemon and honey

Use it for salads and meals.

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