This One Plant Can Cure Cancer Cells Even 10.000 Times Better Than Chemo

A lot of studies since the 70s proved that a plant can well fight the cancer cells and is much better than chemo or Adriamycin drug for chemo methods. This plant is the graviola soursop and gives strength, energy, immunity and health without chemo.

This plant or, also called, Annona muricata is a natural cure. It kills cancer and has no side effects, so it gets more and more popular.

This comes from Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Caribbean, Venezuela and is alsofound in Sahara, Africa, Asia and other countries. It likes humidity and warmth. The tree is not large, but the plant gets used a lot. In South America they use roots, bark, seeds, leaves and the fruit is used for asthma, liver, heart issues, arthritis…

The taste is sweet and a mixture between strawberry and pineapple.

Use graviola for any health problem

This plant so far is the best for cancer curing. Many studies proved that it cures tumors, bacteria, fungi, low pressure, asthma, depression, arthritis, stress and more.

Also studies exist ever since the 70s and say this plant kills cancer cells 10.000 times  better than chemo and Adriamycin. This gives you immunity, energy, health…but the other benefits are:

  • Killing cancer cells and there is NO nausea, vomiting, hair fall or weight loss. It cures 12 types of cancers.
  • You get stronger and energetic
  • Immunity is better
  • There is less stress and depression

Deceptions about the graviola

Many pharma companies said they needed to patent this plant but this cannot happen since nature is original and cannot be patented. You cannot even make GMO plants original and patent them since they will not be as good. If everyone knew about the graviola, there would not be profit from cancer drugs. And this is why graviola is a secret.

From the 70s until now, graviola heals and this topic is silent. The last such study was from Catholic University South Korea and this said graviola removes cancer and leaves all healthy cells safe. This is why it brings NO side effects like chemo.

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