Natural Remedies

No More Gout Troubles – Cure This Naturally

Gout is the complex illness form of arthritis and is the worst pain there is.

It is caused by excess uric acid in joints from the blood and the end item is waste processed in kidneys and seeped in blood. A gout attack is due to less worked up kidneys who fail to remove every uric acid level, thus crystals are formed as waste in joints.

Common signs are tenderness, pain, redness, joint pain, heat. This is chronic and those who have it dislike taking aspirin for life. Mix of these 3 items can heal you and remove inflammation drugs for good.

You need:

1 pineapple

1 cup tart cherry juice

2 tsp powder turmeric

1 inch ginger piece



Glass jar and lid


Method and use:

Cut off the skin and cut the stems of pineapple. Use the stem if you prefer since it has bromelain. Chunk up the fruit and blend it. then add the tart juice and in the end add the spices roots.

Put this in  a jar and close. Refrigerate  for max of 10 days. Add honey for taste and play with the amounts of roots. This can be in the fridge for a month tops. Consume daily.

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