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How Much Turmeric You Need For Arthritis, Cancer And Other Health Issues

Turmeric is the ancient herb of the long curcuma plant. It is added to many dishes and has aromatic bitter taste. Also it is used as natural cure for many illnesses.

Studies said this herb kills bacteria and cancer, inflammation and resolves digestion too.

How much of it you need?

Depends on the reason and form, every dose varies, in general there are 2 doses: preventive and curative. The preventive is low and taken longer time, the other is higher and for shorter time.

The curative is for those with arthritis and cancer, and preventive for anyone.

Also this spice is found in dry or cut root. The cut fresh one still has water. It is for salad and food, but never heated and cooked. The dry root is powdered and a supplement. The active item is curcuma and is for making powder.

Other turmeric forms:

Fluid extract– liquid curcuma mixed with veggie glycerin and water.

Tincture– this is made with alcohol and varies in strength so is made with distilled water and 20% of alcohol.

Tea– brew this at home. Some like adding coconut milk and pepper. Pepper makes better bioavailability of the spice for 200%. The Maryland University Medical Center said more on these doses: 5-3 g fresh root daily, 1-3 g dry powder daily, 400-600 mg curcuma 3 times per day, 1:1 or 30-90 drops fluid daily, (1:2) or 15-30 drops tincture 4 times per day. WebMD said these are good doses for diseases like: upset belly needs 500 mg turmeric 4 times a day, osteoarthritis needs 500 mg extract with 95% powder, 2 times daily. Rheumatoid arthritis needs 500 g curcuma again with 95% powder, 2 times daily. Dr. Weil said you need 400-600 mg curcuma 3 times daily for best result. For higher dose, take it just a few days.

How much turmeric you need for cancer treating?

Get small dose 1 g curcuma weekly. Then 2 g a day the next week. Also 4 g by third week and weeks 4-8 are with 8 g daily.

Side effects of long term use

Turmeric lowers blood sugar for diabetes so talk with a doctor for this. High doses lower the pressure. If you take cholesterol meds, this might interfere.

Turmeric thins the blood and cannot be mixed with similar meds. Stop these meds for a week prior surgery to avoid bleeding in that process.

If you take it on empty stomach, turmeric makes nausea. Even with all these side effects, this spice is safe and high doses make small problems.

Source and image source: newdailyrecipes.com



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