Herbs & Oils

Mix A Drop Of Oregano Oil And Some Water – Amazing For The Lungs

During some seasons, you sneeze and cough a lot and this means season allergies. These develop like any other allergy and make immunity sensitive to some things nearby, seasonal of course.

Allergies make you frustrated for daily work and activities, but most are just temporary and pass easy when treated.

Oregano oil is popular herb and is used mostly for toenail fungi, moles, warts and such. Also know this is not good for deep cuts or open wounds.

Oregano fights many issues like candida, fungi, cancer cells, asthma, colitis, inflammation and allergy.

Also this balances hormones and eases menopause and PMS. You need this at home.

This oil is potent, use it with care.

Lung cleanse with oregano oil

Diffuse this at home and inhale the vapors. Use 2 drops on the hand and rub the palms. Then smell the hands and avoid eye touching.

Or mix 1 drop oregano oil and honey into warm water, mix fast since water and oil separate. After day 10 avoid this it is enough. Do not use it in excess, since many bacteria in the gut flora can be damaged and liver might become toxic.


Oregano oils is avoided in infants and kids. Also nursing and pregnant women can avoid it. it might lower sugar in blood, so diabetics must avoid this too or talk to a doctor.


This is for educational use. Talk to a doctor prior this method.

Source and image source: organichealthuniverse.com



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