A Miracle Drink For Pain Removal In A Week – Back, Joints, Legs

The back pain, or legs and neck is terrible and this happens due to bad lifestyle, stress, bad posture. Many times you ignore the pain since you lack time to dedicate to curing.

This recipe will help a lot.

You need:

Cold water

150 g edible gelatin

Add 5 g of the gelatin in the water and leave this until the morning. This will be jelly in the fridge. Take this every day for a month before breakfast. After a week results are seen. Repeat this but after 6 months. Also mix in yoghurt, honey, juice.

Why is this good? Bones, collagen, tendons, cartilage are all made from amino acids that recover tissues.

This is good for immunity, ligaments also preventing osteoporosis.

Source and image source: supertastyrecipes.com



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