What Makes Water Retention And How Is This Prevented

Are the feet, ankles, legs swollen often? This is water retention or edema. It means accumulated water in tissues, cavity and blood flow.

The main cause is pregnancy and also no workouts, PMS, sedentary life, meds. Also long trips and flights.

This is not serious but it may indicate heart failure, kidney issues and such.

The main causes are listed here and also tips on reducing this.

6 edema causes

Too much sodium– if you eat lots of salt and have no water, this is the issue. Human cells can expand 20 times with water so avoid too salty foods. Besides this, also avoid can veggies, processed meat, condiments and such. Get Celtic and Himalayan salt.

Magnesium deficit– lack of this makes edema. This is vital for us. A study said 200 mg daily reduces edema in PMS cases. Have more Mg foods like spinach, dry fruit, dark veggies, dark chocolate, avocado, nuts, peas, whole grains.

Lack of vitamin B6– a study of the journal Caring sciences monitored women with PMS and edema. They took daily B6 and improved. This is water soluble vitamin and needs many factors along. Get this from foods like dry fruit, banana, sunflower seeds, pistachios, tuna, turkey, beef, chicken, potato skin

Potassium deficit– this is vital mineral for cells, tissues and lack of this and loads of salt makes the problem. This makes edema, weight gain, spasms, cramps. Get this in fruits and all types of melon.

Dehydration– this is from lack of water of course. We keep the water to survive and deposit it in ankles, legs, hands. Have water and natural juices, skip soda and coffee.

Processed foods– as we said they have loads of salt. Also additives, toxins that burden liver and kidneys too. Avoid them to avoid sugars in them for glucose spikes.

Edema reducing plants

They are diuretics:





Corn silk





Source and image source:



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