What Makes Water Retention And How To Prevent This

Are the ankles, feet, hands and legs swollen? This happens due to edema or retention of water. This means accumulated water in tissues and blood flow or cavities too.

The main cause is pregnancy, not active life, PMS, sedentary style, some meds too. Also long flights.

Mostly this is not serious. But sometimes it can mean heart failure and kidney diseases too.

These are the main causes and also tips on reducing this unless there is no medical issue underneath.

Too much sodium-if you eat lots of salty foods and have no water, this is the cause. Human cells expand 20 times with water so try to avoid salty foods. Apart from salt, also avoid canned veggies, processed meat, condiments, and such. Try Celtic and Himalayan salt instead of table salt.

Mg deficit– lack in magnesium makes this. Mg is vital for us and lack of it makes malfunctions. A study said 200 mg magnesium daily reduces this problem linked to PMS. More Mg foods also cure this. Eat Mg foods like dark chocolate, nuts, avocado, peas, whole grains, spinach, leafy greens and dry fruit.

Deficit of B6 vitamin– a study of the Journal Caring sciences said women had PMS and edema. And they all took B6 to get better. This is water soluble vitamin and needs cofactors to work. So get this in whole foods. Eat potato skin, lean beef, chicken, tuna, turkey, dry fruit, banana, sunflower seeds, pistachios.

Potassium deficit– this is vital for cells and organs. Avoid salt excess in foods. Also this deficit makes weight gain, cramps and muscle spasms. eat all kinds of melons.

Dehydration– this happens with lack of water. We retain water to survive and thus get all the swellings. Have natural juices and water and skip coffee and sodas.

Too much processed foods– as we said, these have sodium and sugars but also additives and toxins that overburden liver and kidneys.

Plants for curing edema

These plants are diuretics and reduce edema.

  • Horsetail
  • Parsley
  • Dandelion
  • Corn silk
  • Hibiscus
  • Nettle
  • Fennel
  • Garlic

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