Natural Remedies

Lemon Peel Removes Pain Of Joints

Lemons are healthy, but have you known the juice In the morning is one of many benefits?

Lemons daily mean more health and this fruit is most grown in the world. It has C, K, A, B1, B6, magnesium, folic acid, bioflavonoids, pectin, phosphorus, calcium, potassium.

All of them make health shield from diabetes among many issues. Eat and drink lemons and soothe gut, liver, immunity, intestines.

Pregnant women cure nausea with this juice diluted in water, this stops vomiting urge. Smell and aroma of lemon does this.

Its peel is antiseptic and the leaves are for fever removal.

Lemon peel removes joint pain. It has essential oils for soothing blood vessels and reducing inflammation.

The 2 uses here:

Grate rind and you only need the yellow layer, not white under. Apply this on sore skin and secure with bandage. After 2 hours, remove.

Or take 2 lemons to peel, and put them in glass jar. Add olive oil and close. After 2 weeks, check the oil. Dip a gauze here and secure with bandage over the skin.

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