Lemon Peel On The Feet Before Bed

It is hard to cope with winter, since legs are most suffering. The skin is rough and scaly there and below the ankle is the worst, this in summer is not good. Summer is for sandals. In those times, we want to know if we can make them look pretty. Should we go to a salon or do this at home? Can you save money and make feet soft?

If you have this issue, read more. We have the best cure for all such issues. You just need a lemon. Get 1 lemon peel.

What lemon peel does?

Get one lemon and put this on the heel.

But, first chop the lemon in halves. Make lemonade juice and save the peels. One half is on one heel, the other on other. Careful here. Wear sock to secure this. You will get used to it.

To have full effect, make this at night. And leave this for an hour during day. After few uses you can see results. Then wear sandals!

This is cheap and effective, try it!

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