Lemon, Ginger And Apple Removes Toxins Off You

Sometimes illnesses are from bad health care of the colon, maybe diarrhea, constipation. But you can avoid these issues. Also prevent issues from toxic colon.

We have a simple and natural cure for this.

Many people who are overweight have 10 or 15 lbs feces matter in the colon. Also those with allergy, stress have more. Lose weight and eat healthy to improve this.

Children suffer too. Bad diets make digestion issues that last forever.

Waste deposits make colon toxicity and imbalances. Also this makes cause in weight and health issues.

First, clean the colon and use this DIY recipe with sea salt, lemon, apple and ginger.

Lemon, ginger, apple detox

You need;

1 cup apple juice

2 spoons lemon juice

1 spoon ginger juice

Half tsp sea salt

Half cup clean water


Juice all items and use blender. Add 3.5 oz of the water on the stove. This reaches a boil and with low heat. Add this in glass and add salt. Mix and add ginger, lemon, apple juice.


Have a glass of this before you eat breakfast.

Lemons and apples have antioxidants, minerals, vitamins for immunity, cleansing and detox. Also eat healthy and lose some weight.

Drink plenty of water too.

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