If The Leg Cramps At Night, This Could Be The Cause

If you have night leg cramps, also called night cramps, this means you suffer from aches in legs at night. This makes you wake up and since you do not move. It happens mostly in calf, but thigh and feet too. After this passes, sore muscles stay sore for the night until morning. Both genders suffer and target are those over 50.

Night cramps are not restless leg syndrome

Both these issues are in sleep hours but they are different like so:

  • RLS has no cramps and pain
  • RLS feels like crawling things
  • RLS makes moves, and cramps limit moves
  • RLS legs feel easy and cramps legs feel tight

Causes for night cramps and risks

  • Lying down and sitting for long
  • Standing work and concrete standing
  • Bad posture sitting
  • Overstretched leg muscles

Medical issues that cause this





Neuromuscular issues

Endocrine issues

Flat feet

Statins, beta agonists, diuretics


This curing depends on causes. Sometimes is dehydration and here you need fluids. Sometimes…:

  • Have horse chestnut for better blood flow
  • Warm bath for soothing muscles
  • Heat pads
  • Acupuncture
  • Stretching legs
  • Ergonomic shoes

What to do when cramps hit

You will feel paralyzed at first. But handle this and no panic.

  • If you sit down on floor, extend legs. Flex the feet at ankles and point toes forward. Tug feet better.
  • Get up slow and walk a bit, shake up legs
  • Massage in circle moves
  • Blankets and sheets nearby, do not tighten them too much
  • Have spoon mustard

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