We don’t use our beds just for sleeping – we also spend time there snuggling or maybe watch our favorite TV shows while lying in them. We spend over 50 hours per week in our beds only for sleeping, not counting all our free time that we spend in there with our laptops or while watching TV.

Even though everybody loves the smell of fresh and clean bed sheets, it’s safe to say that we rarely pay any attention to them. Changing and washing the bed sheets seems like it’s a tiring task, and for that reason, few of us do it on a regular basis. However, latest studies have found that not changing and cleaning your bed sheets every 2 weeks may put your health in serious danger.

Doctor Lisa Ackerley reveals that each of our bodies has numerous microorganisms and bacteria which we transmit to our beds every night when we go to sleep, which is completely normal. Not all of those germs are dangerous, but they can be a huge problem if they start accumulating and growing on our bed sheets. In that case, our bed will eventually become an incubator for numerous health problems, and some of them you can see listed below.

1 . Staphylococcus aureus

This kind of bacteria is very dangerous and can grow in our beds. It can cause skin, lung and urinary tract infections.

2 . Candida albicans

This particular fungus loves our unwashed bed sheets and may cause a number of genital, as well as skin infections.

3. Acne

If you are struggling with acne, changing your pillowcases every two or three days is mandatory in order to reduce your direct exposure to bacteria.

4. The flu and colds

If you are frequently suffering from the flu or from common colds, it is probably because you’re not changing and washing your bed sheets regularly. To prevent infections from spreading you should change your bed sheets every couple of days.

5. Dust Mites

Maybe dust mites are not causing any diseases, but these particles can be quite an issue if you have allergies. You can see them in action on the video below:

In order to maintain your good health, changing your pajamas two times a week along with taking a shower before bed is recommended. In case you cannot do that, you should at least thoroughly clean your hands and face. Eating in bed is something you should never do unless you want to turn your bed into bug paradise.

And if you usually let your pet to climb on the bed, you should at least put some kind of blanket on it. Change and wash the bed sheets two or three times in a month and always maintain your bedroom clean. Following this tips will allow you to sleep much better and improve your overall health and well being.


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