Grow Unlimited Blueberries In Your Yard

Do you want an amazing fruit for cookies, cupcakes, muffins, smoothies, juices..? then you need blueberries, healthy and tasty.

You can get them from the local shop, but also grow them in your backyard. They must be eaten daily and just try to plant this and enjoy all the benefits.

Blueberries health benefits

  • Low in calories
  • Lots of fiber, 3.6 g in a cup
  • Lots of vitamin C and gives you 24% daily needs of vitamin C
  • They have 36% daily vitamin K dose in a cup
  • Also they lower bad cholesterol
  • They fight free radicals and have antioxidants for stopping aging and cancer
  • They regulate pressure and boost blood flow and remove inflammation.
  • The antioxidants boost the memory and brain work.

Growing them at home

Plant this and have limitless supply! First, know more about soil and gardening this.

Decide the location

  • They need sunlight
  • They need rich soil
  • A bed in the garden allows good water irrigation and the bush needs rich soil
  • If you do not have a garden, plant them in a container

They like space

  • This bush needs space at least 6 feet
  • If you need 2 bushes, make more space between them , 2.5 or 3 feet

How to plant the bush

  • Plant in spring or fall never in winter
  • Prepare the soil. With the hands free the roots up and the soil must cover them so the bush stands well
  • Pat the top of the soil with towel or hands and wet with water
  • Water regularly.This is shallow root plant
  • Check soil acidity. The pH needs to be 5.0 before you plant this bush
  • The soil must be irrigated, water must be soaked and the bush must be planted few days ahead. If water stays up, the soil needs better drainage.

Mulching Is a must

  • Use sawdust mulching, this is best for worm activity where the plant is. Also use grass clippings, rind mulch and pine bark or acid tripe.
  • Put 2-4 inches sawdust mulch, this keeps the moisture in the soil and stops weeds as improves worm work.
  • Avoid sawdust of cedar or redwood tree. Mulching is done yearly.

Prune the bush

Prune the bush often when it grows and allow strong branches.

Pruning will make the bush grow well and stop it from making too much small fruits.

Use strong scissors and cut branches closer to the soil.

Cut short no color branches and cut 1/3 or half of the branches.

The soil must be fertile

Use just organic fertilizer and avoid chemicals.

The organic ones make the soil more fertile and for longer too, they are biodegradable and not toxic.

Fertilize this soil every spring and after pruning.


If you care well for the bush, you will have a good supply of this fruit all the time. even for 40 years. To have more crop yield, plant 2 species of bushes for more cross pollination.

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