Grow An Avocado Tree In Your Own Garden Pot. Plus A Tutorial Is Included!

The avocado is the incredible summer fruit. If you cook guacamole or even cut the avocado for a salad, save the actual core to grow trees of it!

This fruit that is shaped like a pear, is delicious and nutritious and excellent as a supplement to nearly every meal. The actual trees tend to be seasonal and can easily be destroyed during cold weather as well as frost. Therefore, the north-based home gardeners have to master some techniques in order to grow this particular fruit on their own.

1. How to Remove the seed

First, remove the core of the avocado without slicing and clean it from the rest of fruit’s remains. You can put it in a bowl of water for a couple of minutes and wash off if anything is left out. Do not take away the brown coating of the core, that is the actual shield of the seed.

2. Stab the avocado with toothpicks

A few pits tend to be oblong as well as others are like spheres, but still the normal pit’s bottom is finishing where the roots come out later on. This pointy end is actually the top and, by that, the flat is the actual bottom. So, to make the pit sprouting, you need to put the bottom in a bowl of water, which means, you need to very carefully observe which part is which before you stab it with toothpicks.

3. Put the seed in water ou

You need to keep the bottom in the water bowl as well as stab the actual toothpicks strongly inside. Stab them so that they are facing down, so to get more foundation while in the water. When all of this is finished, leave the pit with the toothpicks in the water bowl or glass.

4. When the seed is sprouting

Within 3 to 6 weeks the avocado’s top will start to split a bit and a little stem will show up on the top. From the base, the roots will appear. Once the stem is around 5 to 6 inches long, pinch the leaves that appeared primarily. Then after several weeks, leaves should start to blossom and much more roots will start to show.

5. How to trim the sprout

At 6 to 7 inches of length, the sprout should be trimmed, that is cut in two halves in order to be able to continue growing.

6. How to plant

You need to add rich plant soil in a bigger flowerpot. Then fill it up soil as much as 1″ below the top of the flowerpot. You need to make a little dent in the center and here place the pit along with its roots facing down in the soil. At the end, pour water in the soil to ensure that is damp enough. Voila, you got an avocado tree.


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