Gluten Intolerance 8 Signs

This intolerance is from WebMD defined and it means a person has bad reaction after eating gluten.

This is barley protein, and found in wheat and rye too.

The signs are depression, gastro issues, fatigue, digestion issues and pain in joints too.

Also is seen in cereal, pasta, bagels, dressings and soups.

In barley this is for stock feeding.

Rye is seen in beer, cereals, bread, and carbs.

Such grains have fibers and gluten too, so if you eat this, health will be damaged.

Celiac disease

This is gluten intolerance, autoimmune issue and makes damage to small intestines.

This damage is due to abnormal immunity responses and nutrients are bad absorbed in the intestine.

This can make long term damage and by stats, 1 of 100 people has this issue in USA. See the 8 signs and seek help.

Foggy brain– subtle and crucial. The Neurology, psychiatry and neurosurgery journal said this is neurological issue. The antibodies react bad to gluten and makes cognition issues.

Weight gain– if the weight gain is for no reason. Weight gain happens due to malabsorption. To avoid weight back, remove gluten.

Strange immunity– IGA antibodies have adverse effect with gluten attacks. These are saliva and gastro tract, for flu and cold, infections and more. If they are compromised, no safety.

Oral issues-a direct link between gluten and aphthous stomatitis, said BMS gastroenterology. This makes canker sores, mouth ulcers and more. Those with Celiac lack calcium, mineral for bone tissues.

Headaches– long lasting headaches are seen in 56% Celiac people.

Bad skin– gluten makes skin issues like eczema, acne, dermatitis herpetiformis, redness, rash, blisters, itching.

Muscle and joint pain– joints get achy and inflamed.

Exhaustion and fatigue– celiac makes this all the time. It makes de-allocation or energy and inflaming areas.

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