Ginger Turmeric Golden Milk For Liver And Fatigue

Did you hear of golden milk? This is spices and herbs, coconut milk and oil, and is healthy and nutritious.

You can have this all day long, but mostly in the morning before you eat and before you sleep.

This is called haldi ka doodh and it means turmeric milk. This is popular Ayurveda recipe and is ancient, heals and comes from India. It makes good detox, regulates sugar, inflammation and more.

This creamy drink is healthy, so read more below.

This is mix of coconut milk, oil, ginger root, pepper and turmeric. It is healthy and medicinal.

It is made like milk, warmed and also in meals, pasta, soup, tea.

The main item turmeric is natural cure and relieves joint pain, muscle pain, liver and skin issues, breathing issues, gastro issues and arthritis.

Also for the whole health, removes microbes, inflammations, and immunity issues.

Studies said this also cures allergy, intolerance, degenerative issues like Alzheimer, dementia, blood sugar, depression, detox on liver, free radical removal and cancer.

Ginger removes inflammation, soothes PMS, blood sugar, nausea, digestion and cold.

Coconut milk has Mg, vitamin B, electrolytes, blood sugar balance, joint pain removal and weight loss.

Coconut oil is for healing wounds, immunity boost, digestion, weight loss, skin moisture, no kidney and liver issues.

Honey is antibacterial, for cold and allergy, relaxing body and more.

You need:

Tsp turmeric

Ginger root

Spoon coconut oil

Pinch pepper

2 cups coconut milk

Tsp honey

½ tsp cinnamon

You can use any milk you like, but avoid the dairy since it makes intolerances, allergy, eczema, acne, hives, breathing issues and IBS.


In a pan mix the items, and stir for 5 min. that is all.

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