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The Fruit That Stops The Diabetes And Breast Cancer. But There Is More…

Bitter melon is the fruit that is really healthy. It is medicinal and was used centuries back in east regions.

This fruit also cures diarrhea, malaria, fever, high pressure, kidney stones, PMS, skin issues, colic, glaucoma, belly pain, cholesterol and hemorrhoids.

Also it has minerals, proteins, vitamins, acids, peptides, alkaloids, glycoside, momordine, charantin, cucurbitins, cucurbitacins and momocharins.

Experts say that this melon lowers glucose and is anticarcinogenic.

Garvan Institute of medical research made a study together with Shanghai institute MateriaMedica and both said this fruit cures diabetes 2.

Some chemicals activate the AMP for making more glucose in every cell. These items make more glucose uptake in the blood flow and tissues so blood sugar is lowered.

The Ethnopharmacology Journal said that this fruit lowers sugar too. Also it reduced fructosamine of diabetes 2 patients who had 2000 mg daily, and this effect is lower than with metformin 1000 mg daily.

Breast cancer growths

The latest results of St. Louis University said the extract of this melon make new cells processes and stop breast cancer too. The sick cells were killed.

The experts said this melon can change paths for breast cancer and is amazing for diets.

Also, this can be eaten raw, in drinks, smoothies and can be found as herbal supplement.

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