Friends Who Are Mean To You Are In Fact The Ones Who Want The Best For You!

Maybe you have a buddy that you like, however in many cases you can’t stand their harsh but very true painful words; you assume and believe they are simply treating you badly and being mean. On the other hand, scientists say this is simply not the case when it involves your close friends.

Actually, current findings have demonstrated that your meanest friend; may be the one who really loves you and desires the best things for you.

A research has been conducted and published in Psychological Science; and it shows that individuals who tend to make other people experience unfavorable emotions; think that the impact of these emotions is going to be helpful for them in the long run.

This particular research has been performed at Plymouth University and it involved 140 participants. The scientists were monitoring the behavior of the participants during theoretical situations; for example; by producing fear of failure to some friend who instead of studying for his or her tests is actually procrastinating.

The scientists stated that requesting the participants to take the point of view of another person increases the likelihood of them choosing unfavorable experiences as well as emotions for the other person if they considered that the experience will be valuable to them.

The results of the research confirmed exactly what scientists considered; that individuals indeed might be “cruel in order to be kind”.

“The amazing thing was that affect worsening was not random at all but in fact emotion-specific.” states López-Pérez, the actual lead researching author. “

In accordance with the earlier research; our own results have demonstrated that people keep very particular expectations concerning the effects; which certain emotions might have and about which emotions might be better for achieving various goals.”

In other words, individuals can sometimes appear like they are “mean” to you not really because they dislike you; or even want to harm you – but simply because they care for you as a person and their “meanness” is a result of being selflessness and empathic.

Therefore, go ahead! Feel free to share this article and tag your “mean” friends and let them know just how much you love all of them for their integrity and honesty!


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