Natural Remedies

Foods Can Be Medicinal And These Are The Best 20 Painkillers In Your Kitchen

We all know that some foods are healthy and good for both body and mind. This means more whole grains, no sugars and sodas and workouts every day.

Sadly lots of us eat more fast food daily. The markets are all full with semi-done foods with no nutrients. And we eat all the same every day, soy, corn, rice, wheat.

We have to eat healthy and medicinal foods more. So choose them smart.

This is the list of best foods:

Ginger for muscle pain

The Danish study said muscle pains and swelling are removed with ginger, by even 63%. The gingerols are responsible for this by blocking pain hormones. Get dry ginger, 1 tsp daily.

Tooth pain and cloves

The experts of UCLA said chewing a clove will remove gum pain and tooth pain in hours. Due to the eugenol you get anesthetic effects. Add ¼ tsp cloves in a meal for regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol.

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for heartburn

Take a tbsp. ACV in 8 oz water before meals and the heartburn will be gone after a day. The expert for gastro medicine, MD Joseph Brasco from Colon and Digestive Diseases Center, Huntsville, AL, said the malic acid in ACV and tartaric acid too are great for digesting and breakdown of fats and proteins. So after the food passes the esophagus, you will feel good.

Garlic for ear pain

Get 2 drops warm garlic oil and place it in the ear. Do this for 5 days and experts from New Mexico University said this is much better than meds. The items that are active are selenium and sulfur which remove bacteria and pain. For the oil making, simmer a bit 2-3 cloves and ½ tbsp. olive oil and after 2 min , refrigerate it for 14 days

Cherries for joint pain and headache

The gout, arthritis and headaches are common. For curing them, have a bowl of cherries daily. With their anthocyanins they remove pain and inflammation 10 times more than aspirin and ibuprofen. The PhD prof. of food science, Michigan University, Nair Muraleedharan said these items lock and shut enzymes for triggering pain.

Fish and tummy pain

The IBS and IBD and indigestion are cured with 18 oz fish weekly. Get sardines, trout, salmon, mackerel, herring and tuna. The biology chemist, PhD, Barry Sears, lead of Inflammation Research Foundation Marblehead MA said the DHA and EPA are best antigens for inflammation and pain. Fish stops cramps and gut pain.

Yoghurt and PMS

80% females suffer from PMS said experts of Yale. The root for this is nervous system sensitivity and spikes of estrogen and progesterone monthly. Experts of new York Columbia University said 2 cups yoghurt daily eases the side effects by 48%. This drink has calcium, the mineral for soothing nerves and hormonal pains, said MD prof. for gynecology Minkin Mary Jane of University Yale.

Turmeric and chronic pain

Science said this spice is 3 times better compared to ibuprofen , naproxen and aspirin together. Experts of Cornell said this removes chronic pain 50% in fibromyalgia cases. The active item curcuma stops pain enzymes and hormones. Get ¼ tsp turmeric daily and add meat, rice, poultry, veggies…

Oats for endometrial pain

Endometriosis is when the uterus lining grows outwards and causes pain. For these pains, and period pains, get oats to remove 60% pain. MD prof. medicine of Colombia University, Green Peter said oats contain no gluten that makes inflammation

Salt and foot pain

Soak the ingrown nails in salty warm water and remove infections in 4 days. Salt removes bacteria, germs and inflammation and removes swelling too. Mix 1 tsp salt in 1 cup water and warm it up, then soak the feet for 20 min.

Pineapple for digestion

California Stanford University experts claimed 1 cup pineapple juice removes bloating after 73 hours. This fruit has good enzymes for protein working in the gut

Mint and sore muscles

If untreated, knots can last for months. Naturopath ND Mark Stengler, author of ‘The Natural physician’s healing therapies’, said you can relax muscles by warm water and 10 drops mint oil. Also this reduced 25% cramps better than a painkiller.

Grapes and back TLC

Results of Ohio State University said a cup of grapes daily soothes blood vessels and improves blood flow in tissues with damage. This flow is vital for healing damage in back since the vertebrae of the back depends on these vessels for oxygen and nutrients.

Tomato juice and leg cramps

These pains are common and annoying too. Potassium defcit is the cause. This may happen due to diuretics and workouts. Take 10 oz tomato juice daily to cure this.

Coffee and migraine

The National headache foundation said coffee and painkillers speed healing for 40%. So get coffee to feel better

Flax and breast pain

A study claimed 3 tbsp flax daily will ease breast pains after 12 weeks. Flax has phytoestrogens that block estrogen spikes which cause the breast pain. Sprinkle this in yoghurt, veggie dips, oatmeal and smoothie

Honey and mouth sores

Dubai Medical Center, United Arab Emirates experts said honey cures cold soresby consuming 4 times every day and speeds healing for 43% than creams. The honey has enzymes for removal of viruses, inflammation and more.

Blueberries and bladder infection

New jersey Rutgers University experts said a cup of this fruit daily can lower UTIs risk for 60%. It has tannins, items for bacteria removal and blocking infections

Horseradish and sinuses

Sinusitis causes face pain and congestion. This food item improves blood flow so the sinuses drain easier and better. Get 1 tsp 2 times per day

Water and injury pain

8 oz glasses water daily is the best. Experts said water dilutes and flushes pain causes. Also blocks cartilages in bone ends, in joint liquids for lubrication and spine soft discs too, said PhD Susan M. Kleiner, author of The Good mood diet. Tissues glide better if you are hydrated.

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