Exactly Why Is It Good To Sleep On Your Left Side?

You most likely toss occasionally and are not able to fall asleep. Most people know the reason why, but still many of us are in doubts. Are you currently sleeping much better while on the back? Or belly side is much better? It turns out specialists say that sleeping on the side is the best! Read more underneath.

A physician, John Douillard instructs about Ayurveda the alternative Indian medication and he says that sleeping on the left side is ideal and provides you the best rest possible. Listed below are the reasons:


John Essential states that if you do not know exactly what position for sleeping is better, choose to sleep on the side since the spinal column is less hurt this way. When sleeping on the back the spinal column gets lots of pressure i. e. upper-back and the hips too, therefore, the lower back is actually suspended which can cause long-term problems. Also, sleeping on the stomach is harmful to the neck and lower back. WebMD advises resting on the side for most effective positioning of the lungs.


Within the specific positioning of the intestinal tract in the stomach, the food is actually processed quicker when you are on the left, as Douillard stated for LifeSpa. This way food travels quicker through small to the big intestine and lastly in the colon. It is recommended to do 10 min relax on left side following a meal to get improved digestive function and avoid after dish exhaustion.


The lymph system is most inclined to the left area, Douillard states. And if lymph blockage occurs, keep the left-hand side in mind. If you happen to sleep on the left-hand side, the gravity takes some tension from the lymph system further from the spleen and heart which are both left sided.

All these points mean that the left side sleeping is actually far better than other sleep positions, although, Dr. Steven Park, the sleep professional suggests for WebMD that altering positions by forcing it can be harmful to the sleeping routines you might have. Still, for those who have troubles, do this left side positioning and see if you have improvements.


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