Herbs & Oils

The Essential Oil That Stops Cancer In The Start

Experts do not recognize still the agents that some essential oils contain and their cancer fighting abilities. They have benefits and this is now known.

A healthy body has frequency of 62-78 MHz and illnesses start at 58Hz. In some frequency testings and essential oil testings it was said that holding cup of coffee dropped the frequency of 66Hz to 58MHz in 3 seconds. Then after 3 days this turned back to normal.

Other studies said negative thinking lowers frequency by 12Mhz. Good thinking raises it by 10 MHz.

Exploring the best essential oils like ginger, mint, lemon, jasmine, grapefruit, lavender, chamomile, rose, thyme, cinnamon claimed that they fight cancer. Also they remove bacteria in in vitro toxicology for human cancer cells.

Tanio Bruce of Tainio technology, lead of Department Agriculture from eastern Washington University made a calibrated or frequency monitor CFM to measure frequencies of essential oils and the effect they have on humans. The essential Oils lab uses the CFM and another is in Johns Hopkins University where there is disease linking too.

When the DNA code in cells is damaged, cancer starts, said immunologist Suhali Mahmoud. It seems some oils can reset and tell the DNA code as it must be.

Therapeutic grade

There are many oils sold but not all are good, diluted and full of chemicals and alcohol. For a better effect, get 100% pure oils otherwise you waste your money and you will have to change the mix every week with the right oils.

The author of The body electric, MD Robert O. Becker said humans have electrical frequency and this links to our health. Nikola Tesla said if you remove some frequencies that harm us, we can be much healthier. Also Dr. Otto Warburg, 2 times Nobel winner for cancer studies said human cells have electical voltage.

No doubt, some frequencies stop diseases and some remove them. Higher frequencies stop lower frequency issues.

The therapeutic grade oils start at 52 and go to even 320 MHz. so: rose is 320, helichrysum is 181, frankincense 147, ravensara 134, lavender 118, myrrh 105, german chamomile 105, juniper 98, sandalwood 96, angelica 85, mint 78.

Healing benefits

The breast cancer cells are killed with thyme, cinnamon, chamomile and jasmin oil. Chamomile kills 93% in in vitro. Thyme is even better with 97% success of MCF-7 cancer cells.

Another study in journal Industrial crops and products, said chamomile oil has antioxidants. The study evaluated 11 oils like thyme, lavender, winter savory, sage, rosemary, mint, bitter, French tarragon, sweet fennel and said the roman chamomile is the best.

Cancer killer or frankincense oil

This separates brain from cancer cells or the nucleus of the body, cytoplasm and closes the nucleus to stop damage in DNA codes, said Suhail.

This oil is good since it has monoterpenes, items that remove cancer cells when they start so this is amazing for first stage cancers.

This will make cancer curing revolution. Now, with chemo doctors believe that tumors can be killed, but healthy cells are affected too. Frankincense curing removes cancer cells and leaves healthy ones.

Suhail added there are 17 good items in this oil.

There are people’s stories of curing with this oil and this was even promoted at the Budwig center.

Liver cancer, terminal

A Long Beach woman said her husband got liver cancer. He got in so much progress of the cancer that the tumors were too big for surgery. He was told he had 6 months life! Then she got the frankincense oil and he applied this topically on the liver and under the tongue, every day. Next time they checked, the tumors were smaller. They kept using this oil and in April the tumors became small enough for surgery.  The cancer was gone but it took ¾ of the liver. Now he is healthy and happy.

Brain cancer in 5 year old

A small kid cured this with just a drop of this oil and mixed with sandalwood drop on the feet soles. On her wrist she put lavender oil and now is all healthy.

Bladder cancer

Jackie Hogan got diagnosis of bladder cancer and she was told the bladder was about to be removed. She got this oil and the experts of Oklahoma University said this and sandalwood oil kills cancer. They swore by the frankincense oil, a cancer killer for sure!

Lung cancer stage 4 with bones, ribs, spine, pelvis and hips metastasis

Bebe’s mom had tumors (malignant) in the lungs and they spread to nearby tissues or bones. 4 months later with the oil’s use her cancer was dying off and she even started gardening and relaxing. 7 months after the diagnosis of death, doctors were amazed from her health and she now advises to take frankincense every 2-3 hours, topically and at the feet soles. Put a few drops under the tongue too.

Degeneration of bone marrow

Ellen got diagnosis of bone marrow degeneration and also polyscithemiarubavera. After 3 months, the blood tests were better and markers were normal so she skipped the 2 of the last three phlebotomies that she got every 14 days, now they are once a month! She felt amazing and swears this oil works.

Breast cancer

For shrinking the breast tumors, this oil is best. When I got surgery, there were no longer traces of cancer! I got this illness in February and I removed it with the help of oils. I used lemongrass and frankincense mix on the breast daily and herbal pills too. After 6 months, the check up said all was good. No cancer! No more radiation or chemo as options, side effects are awful.

Cervix cancer

My friend told me her sister got cervix cancer back, 2nd time now. She even got diagnosis of uterus removal. Then she started using mix of wintergreen and frankincense. She told her mother this mix is used on feet soles every 3-4 hours and topically on the belly too. Week ago, the sick cells still were in her blood. Now less than a month after the oil use, there Is no cancer and no uterus removal.


The son of my brother had 2nd time leukemia and took the oils. This along chemo, sent him to remission faster than expected with no side effects


The friend of my mom had throat degeneration that spread too. Last year in October, he used these oils. Now the MRI showed no problems


Friend of mine had pancreas degeneration and had a month to live! He got 3 drops frankincense, 1 drop lemon grass/mint/lavender/sandalwood and now he is healthy


I got a call from a friend who had prostate cancer. For the last 4 months, he took the oils. Now he said he is clear!

Basal cells

My friend had basal cell growths in the nose and had thicker nostrils. The doctor wanted to remove nostril parts down to even the lip and cheek. I wanted to help with the oils of course. He removed sugar of the diet, drank more water and ate raw foods. After some weeks it seemed better and after another 7 days weeping stopped and redness brightened. After 6 weeks the nostril looked healthy! This was 15 months ago!


I had a routine eye check up in Feb 2013, but the doctor told me I had eye growth or skin degeneration basal cell carcinoma. A year before this test I was at the dermatologist for some strange spots on the face, neck and back. I wondered if there is a safe way to remove them. I read on the oils for skin cancer and this seemed fine since I also had no time to miss from work anyway. So, I got bottle of frankincense and applied it topically 3 times daily and put 2 drops under the tongue too. The first week had no results just tingling after internal and topical use. The second week and spots got smaller. The third week and spots oozed and got smaller. The 4th week they oozed even more. The fifth they made scabs and week 6 was a big improvement with the spots. Amazing!


I used frankincense in the nights and mornings and secured with bandage. After 3 days the moles were smaller. On day 5 they bled and fell off. Day 7 was clear! I had some pink skin and scars but this was gone after some time too. My husband also got stage 4 melanoma removed from his back, but another showed on his nose. Before we used oils, we had radiation. The cancer came back. Ever since, we used these oils and we are thrilled. He uses lavender and frankincense, and immortelle too.!

Source and image source: healthiestuniverse.com



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